some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

i now recognize the sensations

it is growing pains
sore, confines too small
bones cannot stretch

i am trying to draw objects in that space which would allow whatever it is

not the dozens of thousands who get to leave, i don't know if i believe in them at all anymore besides maybe 3 or 4 i have read

the sensual play qualities are useful to perform an acid salt wash but once the metal is in the right shape it should just stay there or pick some smooth rock to hide in for 10,000 years
it is hard not to enjoy the murky solution & how color roils in it
it is harder to enjoy it

only the correct amount grew
halfway, a second seam appears
it's fine because it lets in a little air
and the leaves were too tightly rolled

oh she is burning and crying loud
hearts up(i.e. perform team combos and drink elixirs and so on) bbys the going is getting very weird
if the lightning and light fields don't provide enough sustain there is water nearby
if blasting water isn't enough maybe the weatherman knows what's good...

they are trying to change reality
it only changes halfway thank god
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