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some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

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[02 Feb 2017|02:35pm]
it's as if the territory itself conforms to our maps
freak out!

tropic villains [31 Jan 2017|09:32pm]
there are entire ages where nobody hears a single thing across all possible(explored->geoengineered) plains
i wait here for you against a wall
maybe you won't run into it but instead wonder what is on the other side of it, and whether we can use it to form part of a shelter

it is a wall for me but for some people it is the ground and for others, the ceiling
it's a shame neither of them can lean against it like i do

launching to brushing hair
i feel like i really get cats right now

it doesn't matter if anyone is nearby
the astral plane is infinitely wide and totally represented in not even half a sandwich, where we may cross paths several times each day
alls it needs to be is a possibility; i will do the rest
there's nowhere to begin
freak out!

the hope-eater [31 Jan 2017|02:21pm]
i saw the fox again
it doesnt even try to hide
it's more scared of the plastic creep and people driving over its dinner than people hunting it

the first thing it does every day is try to find a poisonous root to chew on
it makes it hallucinate that it is surrounded by things it should be instead of weird antigeometric concrete-vinyl-shitty cheap pine tree banks and horizontal cliffs that confuse its instinctual map

how long until the iron vessel is permanently compromised?
we have no elders to teach us arcane work
freak out!

drawing champions [28 Jan 2017|05:53pm]
he has to know a prayer for when centipede familiars appear
the fictional heroes of a fictional world save more actual beings than even an exceptional globalist
the spring sun is already setting, this year must be lucky for love and collapse

combining all 64 elements and 1284 techniques,
all the indulgent blends like pinch and spice and sweet and heat-water
all the shadow forms
freak out!

[26 Jan 2017|03:21pm]
the only sigils i will draw are the wheel, the potion, the divine ally, the sum, the map, the herb, the natural elements at rest, a measurable eternity.
freak out!

the cat of nine dreams [23 Jan 2017|11:11pm]

i signed my name yeah but thats not a contract and they said i couldnt leave the room if i didntCollapse )
freak out!

"why is your name a different color?" "THE BEST" [18 Jan 2017|10:41pm]

the first alchemical process is not alchemical at all
it's after at least 100 lifetimes of a baker that one finally can answer one tiny kindle of raw element(s)
how much longer it must take to learn to encase oneself in a mountain for more than two geological eras!!

i don't have the kind of time for that
i race home from being a lab rat to throw trash mail and cool boxes in a better light with better music and better drugs
i have four full days to get scienced
i will use them for the benefit of those who know about like darts and sticks and the woods and balance and herbal mixtures & dragons & witches & astral craft & roses from planes of clockwork, water,

a feather from a bird bath in the middle of a lawful heaven
one scoop of clay from a lake of fire in a mild plane of suffering

man i had to edit since like septembervember i started crying pretty bad at one--they never stay around which i know that cuz impermanence but not even for as long as they could is what i mean damn
freak out!

merry litmas//cone of truth, idealstrike, potion of clarity [17 Jan 2017|01:38pm]
plantain syrupCollapse )
freak out!

"what does it represent?"//sociomoronic inaptitude testes <--- !! //a wizard always/never has duplic [17 Jan 2017|12:39pm]

water elementalCollapse )
freak out!

the doctrine of nonresponsibility//by those who have enemies//2 boxes full of seven fires [17 Jan 2017|12:23pm]

i'll be in the ashesCollapse )
freak out!

[08 Dec 2016|01:51pm]
there's something about watching half a dozen dudes paid by the county to use gas powered leaf blowers on a blustery day(wind undoing their work every hour they are just circling the neighborhood blowing the same leaves over and over again) that makes me want this species to go extinct right now.
freak out!

i try to look at the landscape [30 Nov 2016|01:03pm]
and it makes me feel like a mantis shrimp
there are 18 dozen billion terrains and i've got to find the mystic valley they all share
freak out!

jaguars in the attic//who is there in the nowheres [24 Nov 2016|12:08pm]
corn roarsCollapse )
freak out!

braining//there is no perfect method of summoning [24 Nov 2016|12:03pm]
``i've done a lot more, for a lot less`` Collapse )
freak out!

you can miss 17/20 shots and still win [24 Nov 2016|11:52am]
act of revealingCollapse )
freak out!

"the dangers of mirrors?" [24 Nov 2016|11:48am]
that's all it is

drawin bones one momentCollapse )
freak out!

[09 Nov 2016|12:09am]
this is so rich
clinton stole the primary from sanders who would have smashed trump
gg america
freak out!

i now recognize the sensations [07 Nov 2016|01:30pm]
ancient ...insCollapse )
freak out!

the horizon is moving [05 Nov 2016|09:21pm]
it's a 500 foot wave created by a kamikaze submarine
would it even make a noise

i go to bed every night with a struggled exhaustion
completed enough meal arcs and heard enough engines go by
the ghosts who would not play during the day keep me awake

i am not part of the angels just yet but i'll be fucked if i am staying for another 3D cycle
or to at least not go through it like a regular person but to end up with useful familiars and more pliant worldstuff(at the least) before the next so many equinoxes
to play safer in the next ones because this is absurd & some important stuff doesn't burn apparent when i'd really want it to

i really couldnt do this anywhere else
it's a shame there are so many driven idiots
imagine what they could do if they had the good ideas
freak out!

purpient manifestations 2 u & urs [05 Nov 2016|01:29pm]

& like that
i wish my grandfather were alive to see it because we would get a thrill talking about where it came from

i don't envy the kids who gotta make sense of what we'll leave behind
Trilary Hump 2016 bbys!!! never forget lol

it's so fucked, i can see the momentum flagging
workers gettin ground up
it's foolishness, it's 2016 and we're still doing this like this. the industrial revolution failed arite

thank you very much
freak out!

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